Yellow and Grey Wedding Ideas

by admin on November 9, 2012

When to Go for Yellow and Grey Wedding Ideas – Weddings are very important and the most crucial stage in the lives of most couples. It signifies the aspect of love that both partners cherish and feel for each other. Weddings in most cases are well organized and carefully prepared to ensure that the day is successful. A wedding is one of the best moments in most people’s minds especially ladies. Many ladies believe that for you to show your love to them, having a wedding is the only evidence and not just a wedding but a colorful one such as those that incorporate yellow and grey wedding ideas.

A successful wedding is mostly characterized by a sense of fun and happiness, food and outfits, vehicles as well as furniture but the choice of the color crowns it all. The color chosen for the wedding by the groom and the bride determines how beautiful the wedding will be in the sense that people who attend the wedding would feel comfortable to see and to be with newlyweds. The choice of color is very vital because it adds more weight to the decor of the whole event.

Yellow and Grey Wedding Ideas

Many couples find themselves in a state of confusion wondering which color to choose for the wedding having in mind so many colors; making a decision on the best color that will suit them can be quite a challenge. Since people have different tastes and preferences, settling on the same color would take a compromise between the brides and grooms to come up with a suitable color theme. In case the groom prefers grey whereas the bride wants yellow, they could settle on yellow and grey wedding ideas so that both are happy.

Yellow and Grey Wedding decorationsImage courtesy of Pin it via

Actually, these colors have become very common in modern weddings with yellow adding life and vigor to the event. A yellow themed wedding is awesome, attractive and to crown it all very beautiful.

You can add a bit of every color to all aspects of the wedding; the maids could have yellow dresses and the best men grey suits, invitation cards could feature a combination of grey and yellow graphic, yellow flowers can be used to decorate the reception and walkway runners or even arches, flower girls can carry flower petals with yellow being inclusive of them.

The whole idea of using these colors is to either match or contrast them in order to achieve decor.

Yellow and Grey Wedding cakes

Sunny yellow cakes decorated with zigzag patterns makes the cake so attractive and wonderful. Bouquet of yellow flowers signifies signs of how the beautiful the wedding is whereas yellow tents just crowns it all; a yellow wedding!

There are no rules or boundaries when it comes to wedding color theme; you can be as creative as you wish and use any color of choice. Yellow and grey wedding ideas is just but one of the many ideas a bride and groom can settle on.

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