Wedding Glasses Champagne

by admin on December 12, 2012

Wedding Glasses Champagne: A Classy Tradition – There is one tradition that is never left out of a wedding no matter how informal the ceremony might be. Every wedding will have a moment when people will toast the bride and groom.

The brides table is the centerpiece of the reception area, and the wedding glasses for champagne should be really special. These champagne flutes should reflect the occasion the personalities of the bride and groom. You can find a great variety of wedding glasses champagne flute.

Is wedding toast important?

wedding toast with wedding glasses champagne
The toast is used to wish the happy couple blessings and good wishes for a long and happy marriage. You can give a toast with almost any type of beverage except coffee, tea and water, these are said to bring bad luck to the bride and groom. The reason we clink the glasses is because it was an ancient belief that the sound of breaking glass was believed to ward off evil spirits.

The toast is used today to share with the guests the special feelings the person has for the couple. Wedding glasses champagne flutes in particular are very beautiful and really complements the occasion. The toast is the official ending of the wedding proper and a signal to all that the fun festivities are about to begin.

The tradition of wedding toast

People have been toasting at weddings since the 6th century B.C. At Greek functions the wine was poured for all from a common picture and the host would drink first to assure their guests that the drink had not been poisoned. It was common for someone to lace a drink because they were angry with someone or even to replace a spouse.

The tradition made its way to Rome but there it was used for other reason entirely. So, fast forward a hundred years. The toast is now in Rome and being use as a way to wish health and happiness to their guests and as a gesture of good faith.

How to do the wedding toast?

There is an order to toasting with wedding glasses, champagne is the drink of choice, and the best man is the first up. He toasts the Bride and welcomes her and then he toasts them as a couple. The third toast comes from the groom.

First he toasts his new wife and then her parent(s) and finally the bridesmaids. You will know the toasts have come to end when the father of bride rises to present his. This is the order for a traditional wedding however in a non-traditional wedding, after the best man speaks, anyone else who wants to wish the happy couple well is allowed to raise their wedding glasses and say a few words.

If you are pouring for your toast there is a proper way to that as well. The first glass to be filled is the brides. Next fill the grooms, maid of honor, parents of both and then everyone else at the brides table. You should fill your glass last.

A proper toast is always given with the glass in the right hand, extended straight out from the shoulder. The stance was used to show a gesture of friendship. When you end your toast always include a statement that invites the crowd to join you in the last line, something like, “join me in wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness, to the bride and groom“.

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