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If you are having a hard time trying to write your speech then one source of inspiration would be the use of wedding quotes. These quotes can inspire your speech writing as well as give you ideas on what to say on that special day. You off course can use these quotes in speech as well. Many people that are trying to make a speech usually try to quote some famous poet or add some quote they read in a book; this is what wedding quotes are all about. You however have to have a good memory to come up with a great quote that matches the occasion.

It is fairly easy to find wedding quotes, since there are thousands of books and essays on the subject; the trick is finding the words that truly reflect your relationship. You’ll want to choose quotes that mean something to the both of you; try going with your favorite author, or choosing a specific theme on which you both agree. If you have a certain quote or poem that you especially like pertaining to love, see how this will fit into the ceremony. You may even choose to have guests simply read the passage without your having to recite it out loud. Also, using an excerpt from a poem on your wedding invitations or wedding programs is a very nice touch, and makes the words even more timeless.

Wedding quotes can be filled with inspirational words about the couple and how their love can stand the test of time and so on. But to give such a quote you have to be sure not jumble the words or confuse the people listening with too many quotes that do not add up. Make sure you have the write quotes you need and maybe put them down on paper so as to remind yourself. When saying the quote try to make it count and change the tone of your voice to suit each quote, so that people can know that it is different from the other one. To get these quotes you can try the biggest source of all vital information the internet. Google the word quotes and you will get all the ones you need from the latest to the really old kind. Use the quotes wisely and maybe make up a few of your own that will probably be used by others in the future.

Wedding speech quotes take the form of biblical texts, famous quotations, and popular proverbs and sayings that are often used in the wedding speeches we hear every so often. Most of these wedding speech quotes are usually used in the beginning and ending portions of wedding speeches or the parents of the bride and the groom, serving the purpose of motivating the couple to retain their love and care for each other for the rest of their married life. Biblical texts usually found in the book of Corinthians, which talk about the qualities of love are not just inserted in most of the wedding speeches we hear, but also in wedding discourses and talks given before the bride and groom pronounces their wedding vows. Still, when using wedding quotes, a speaker is not expected to provide the full explanation of a quotation used. This will cloud over the real message that the speaker would like to impart to the couple and to the audience listening, plus this will take a considerable amount of time. Thus wedding speeches are usually perceived to be short and simple, able to honor the recently-wed couple and able to encourage the audience to wish the couple the best things in life they could experience as man and wife.


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Finest Winter Wedding Flowers Wed, 17 Jul 2013 13:47:42 +0000

5Weddings with the fines winter wedding flowers are always enjoyable for family celebrations. These wedding ceremonies are made special by the arrangements made by the families of the boy and the girl. In the whole affair, the colorful flowers play a vital role. Actually, they are the inseparable part of the wedding preparation and everybody in the concerned families take very good care of this aspect of the wedding decoration.

Winter comes with a lot of pleasant moments. It brings the coldest moments of the year. Getting married in the months of winter is a fantastic experience. However, the decoration does not experience and coldness as the presence of hot flowers creates the feeling of warmth. There are many special flowers that are specially found during the winter months and are beautifully used in decorating the wedding venues. Among many winter wedding flowers, Anigozanthos is an unusual flower that is available in this season. People also call it ‘Kangaroo paw’ as it is exclusively grows in Australia. It is wonderfully soft. It is very much used in the continent country, but can be made available in other places also only in lieu of a small expenditure. It is generally, yellow in color but it is also available in lime green and dark red. However, the red Anigozanthos are also found at some places.

Apart from that very special winter wedding flower, you can also consider the flowers like Roses, Lilies, Magnolia, Chrysanthemums, Gardenias, Snowball Mums, Daisies, Carnations, Freesia, Amaryllis, Hydrangea, Poinsettias, and Pionese. These wonderful winter wedding flowers are usually found in bright shades of pink, red, yellow, white, purple, violet and in some shades of blue. Nerine is also a very good choice as a winter wedding flower. It is usually found in shades of pink and white. They look really delicate.

5aWinter wedding flowers can be any type of flower that highlights the warm tones of the festivals set against the snow-white backdrop. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are the major holidays during this time. Traditionally, Christmas brides often choose red or burgundy flowers like roses, carnations, calla lilies with accents of white, green and silver-colors traditionally associated with the season.

Shades of blue flowers range from aquamarine to deepest indigo are great choices. Iris comes in vivid shades of blue and adds a lot of accent with a few blooms. Blue geraniums are delicate and come laced with white. Wisteria is towards the purple side but its trailing vines add elegance. Blue star sea Holly is a true blue flower with exotic petals and a spiky texture. Green can really bring balance in all flower arrangements. Holly, with or without berries, is the classic choice for a winter wedding. Pine boughs and sprigs can be used as tabletop arrangements. Ferns add a regal look to decorations. Juniper branches can add fragrance and a feel of winter to any wedding. Red is the most popular and natural choice of winter wedding flowers. Tulips, Maltese cross and geraniums are of the deep red color. Day Lilies, Mums and Geraniums come in shades of pink, orange-red and maroon. Other red choices include bee bums, Royal Hellebores and roses, of course.

Whatever the choice, the stress is on how a bride wants the mood to be. The wide range of choices will ensure that every bride finds the perfect shade and shape of winter wedding flowers to complement her plans.

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Special Handmade Wedding Invitations Wed, 17 Jul 2013 13:42:28 +0000

Handmade wedding invitations can set the mood for your once in a life-time day. Weddings are the single most important intimate detail between you and your love. Some brides get so carried away in all the other preparations they overlook the much needed detail of the custom wedding invitations. The invitation is very important because it is what is sent to the homes of your guests. These notifications not only reflect upon you, but also your wedding day. When a handmade wedding invitation with ribbon, flowers or other decorative details arrives at the door the recipient draws the work and specialness of the card.


Many brides are moving away from the plain white invitation with traditional colored typeset. There are many variations and ways to enhance the wedding invitation. When you contact a company for a custom wedding invitation you have the ability to decide exactly what you want. There are many types of paper, colors of typeset, designs and even themes that you can specify. If you are having a seaside wedding than designate that your handmade wedding invitations be a custom handmade wedding invitation. Sand could be sprinkled on the invitation or there could be a use of sea shells or pictures of the nautical theme. Whatever the theme, it can be achieved through the customization of the wedding invitation.

You can use a text editing program such as Word or Open Office to layout your wording in your chosen font and color. You can format the page to the right size and utilize borders to make sure your text fits on the insert. I always advise printing a test page beforehand to ensure that the text is centered. Use a piece of rough or scrap paper cut to the correct size. Make sure to also check your printer settings. You may need to use a custom paper size, read the printer’s user manual if you are unsure on how to do this. You might also want to increase the print quality.

Other custom wedding invitations include special paper. This paper is certainly not traditional and set the invitation apart from the rest. There are companies that specialize in paper made from special products. Paper made from flowers has become increasingly popular. Not only is the texture an excellent choice for the custom wedding invitation, but it is beautiful as well. This paper is a handmade paper that yells to your guest’s class and style. The paper is made through a process of pressed flowers that you choose. It may be the favorite flower of the bride and groom or one that picks up the colors of the wedding. Other versions that are used with handmade wedding invitations are baby’s breath and leaves.

The typeset and colors have a great deal to do with the impression and look of the custom made wedding invitation. It is best to experiment to decide which color to choose. Look at the paper and compare different styles of print and colors. This will help you make the decision on your invitation. This is very important so take your time!

With so many weddings taking place it is important to set your wedding apart from the others. One of the best ways to do this is customize everything. There are many decorations, ribbons, photos and other backgrounds that you can choose from when picking the invitation. Whether they know it or not people judge your wedding by what they see. The first thing they see is the custom wedding invitation. If you have taken the time and effort it will show. So move away from the traditional and into handmade wedding invitations, you will be proud of the uniqueness years down the road.

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Women wedding ring are of great importance to the bride. Its priority is not just because it is a symbol of love and affection given to her by her husband, or because it is a symbol of her marital bond, but simply because it is something that she has to wear for the rest of her life. Since she has to wear it forever, it has to be the kind she wants i.e., according to her taste and style. Shopping for wedding rings for women is no easy task. It gets even worse when you have no idea about what kind of wedding rings are being sold and what your bride would like to have for her big day. If you are one among those, who don’t have any idea about rings for women, then go through this article to know about the latest wedding rings for women.

3There are certain styles of rings for women that have become particularly popular these days and these include the carved band, the three stone rings, the eternity ring and the classic band. We will here discuss some of these and also provide tips on getting the right ring and size. The carved band is a type of classic wedding ring, but it has been slightly modified to suit women with different tastes who are looking for something that is a bit more original. It often has many different patterns or motifs carved into it and can look very artistic without looking too overdone.

The first thing you need to decide is the metal in which you want to buy a ring. The wedding rings for women are available in silver, gold and platinum. Once you’ve decided the metal, you have to decide if you want to buy rings with or without stones. If you want to have precious stones fitted into it, then which stones you want to make use of. This can be a difficult choice, but they are the determining factors on which you will continue your search for wedding rings.

The classic band is a kind of women wedding ring that has been popular for many years. It is a simple band and is perfect for all those brides who love simplicity. You can make it more special by customizing the ring. For example, you can engrave your names or your wedding date on it. You could customize the classic band and have a small diamond fitted into the rings.

Another style of wedding rings for women is called the three stone rings. As the name suggests, it has three stones fitted in a line on the band. Once again, you will need to decide the metal and the kind of stones you want to use of. The size of the stones is another important factor to be taken into consideration. The eternity ring is another famous wedding ring for women. It has stones attached all around the band. The eternity ring looks very glamorous and precious, especially if it is made out of platinum with diamonds on the 360 degrees of the band. People usually go for the 25 to 50 carats for the eternity rings, because these look extremely beautiful.

Also, when you are choosing wedding rings for women, you need to make sure that you have the correct size of the ring. You don’t want to have a ring that is too small for your bride on the big day. Get her finger measured just to be on the safe side and avoid any last-minute rush or embarrassment. Make sure you take your time in deciding what kind of ring you want to buy for your bride. Before buying, speak to her and get an idea of what she likes so that she’s swept off her feet when you present the women wedding ring of her dreams to her on your big day!

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Best Wedding Ring Set Wed, 17 Jul 2013 13:36:44 +0000


With so many options from traditional and online jewelry shops it might be difficult to decide what wedding ring set would suit you the most. There are several factors you need to consider searching through wedding ring sets to find the best one for you.
Wedding ring set styles

To decide on the style first think if you are going to wear your ring set every day. If so, it should not only be beautiful but practical. The style should be elegant enough to go with most of your cloth. What wedding ring set styles are available to you? Most popular is a set that consists of a classical ring with a single diamond and a ring with channel set diamonds. But there are other possibilities. If you like something more elaborate think of engraved style or a beaded edge style. There are also vintage wedding ring sets and Celtic style bands.

The best way to find a style you like is to visit a big online wedding ring shop. Don’t mind the prices for now, just look at different ring set styles they offer and see what you like the most.

After deciding on the style, you will have to make up your mind about the material for your wedding ring set. Here you have a choice of gold, white or yellow, platinum and titanium. But even before you go for a particular material asks yourself do you want a yellow wedding ring set or a white set? If you want yellow, than your only choice is traditional gold. White wedding rings are becoming more popular in recent years, because they look more modern and easier to match with any cloth. Think of the other jewelry you own and wear often, will white or gold go with most of it?

Also think of how much you can afford to spend on your ring set. Most expensive is not necessarily the best. If you go for a cheaper metal, you can have a set with bigger, better quality diamond.

Yellow gold wedding ring set is the easiest to find. Yellow is traditional and also it has that warm feeling that is associated with marriage. When looking for traditional gold sets most people think that more carats (more pure the gold) the better. This is not always true. Gold is a very soft metal, and 24 carats gold ring can get scratches easily. For the purpose of durability 14 carats gold ring sets are the most popular, but if you want more pure gold, 19 carat is a good balance between purity and durability of your ring. Platinum is an excellent material if you can afford it. Platinum rings have a whiny white look and last forever without a single scratch. Titanium ring set is another option. Titanium doesn’t shine as much as platinum or white gold, but it has a stylish modern look, it is very durable and not as expensive as platinum. Titanium wedding ring sets are not as widely available as ones from other metals, so you will have to do a special search online for them.

If you decide on the style, price range and material for your wedding ring set in advance, it will be much easier to find a perfect set. You can look at different jewelry stores and department stores. Actually department stores often have wedding ring sets on sale, so you can get a good deal. If you don’t find anything suitable locally, search for your ring set online. There a hundreds of jewelry shops online, they offer great selection or wedding ring set and the prices are usually better than those in traditional shops.

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Calla Lily Bouquets for Weddings Wed, 17 Jul 2013 13:31:16 +0000

There are a lot of wedding ideas when it comes to bridal bouquets and one of the unique ideas that you can think of is to have calla lily bouquets. As far as wedding flower is concern, calla lily is sure to be one of the most elegant of all the wedding flowers available. With its long stem and extraordinary trumpet shaped bloom, you can never go wrong with this lovely flower. The classic beauty of this floral selection makes them one of the favorite flowers of soon to be brides. They can stand on their own and can also mix with other flowers as well to produce an elegant calla lily bridal bouquet.

1There are two types of calla lilies, the standard and the mini. The standard calla lily has two colors, white and yellowish green while mini calla lilies come in various colors. The beauty of these flowers emanate from its delicate bloom up to its lengthy stem. Mini ones are perfect for any kind of season because of the various colors they have. You can have white ones for your winter wedding; and purple one for weddings during the fall season where rich colors are in abundance. Flowers in light colors perfectly match a summer wedding in a beautiful garden. Bridal bouquets can be made with 8-12 small ones and 3-5 small flowers for the bridesmaids; 2-3 mini callas for the groom’s boutonniere while a single mini calla lily for his groomsmen.

Do not get discouraged about availability and cost because there is a viable alternative to using fresh calla lilies. Today, you can find an unbelievable section of real touch calla lilies. There artificial flowers are all available in magnificent colors. You can find them in the traditional white or cream, but yet, they are made in bright tropical colors and exotic color tones. There is literally, something for everyone. The Calla Lily is one of the most versatile flowers you will find. When you choose to use the real touch flowers, you are purchasing an everlasting treasure. These realistic artificial Calla Lilies look stunning alone and do not require a lot of extra foliage to be mixed in with the bouquets and arrangements. This does not mean that you cannot mix other beautiful real touch flowers in with the lovely Calla Lilies. Because of their versatility, the Calla Lilies can be mixed in with hydrangeas, roses, stephanotis or orchids. These are so many combination possibilities when using real touch artificial flowers.

Aside from these flowers in your bouquet, several arrangements you can make to decorate your wedding reception. Centerpieces perfectly highlight the table and offer a dramatic look to the wedding reception as a whole. And if you want to arrange the flowers yourself, you can browse the internet or some books to take a look for photos so you will have an idea with the various arrangements that can be done to make pretty bouquets. Just like roses, these flowers are also available all year round. This is the reason why these along with rose bouquets are perfect for wedding; they are very flexible and can go with any kind of flowers in any season. For a fall wedding, mix dark yellow flowers with orange roses and feel the richness of the season. Or you can highlight your white lilies by combining dark pink roses and create a fancy bouquet.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy fresh flowers for your bouquet, opt for silk bouquets instead. They are cheaper than the fresh ones but equally gorgeous. It is also advisable to avoid using fresh flowers if you have allergies or scared that it may stain your wedding gown. These calla lily bouquets can really make an impact because of its extraordinary beauty and flexibility. So if you’re a bride who wants to stand out, these calla lily bouquets are perfectly just for you.

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Wedding at the Beach in California Thu, 04 Jul 2013 15:38:25 +0000

California is a beautiful state bordered by the Pacific Ocean, which serves as a gorgeous backdrop for all types of activities and events year round most especially for wedding at the beach in California. The smell of salt water, a soft wind blowing, and sand between your toes as you sit listening to the waves rolling in. Absolutely rejuvenating yet relaxing all at once. Even if you’re surrounded by people, you’re having a unique experience all your own that will remain with you forever.

This is one of the reasons why California beach weddings are so popular. The ocean is a powerful presence, and it is both captivating and romantic, very much like a true love story. Must have something to do with why California beach weddings are so popular.

To locate the most popular beaches in the state and the top wedding sites, visit beach California dot com. The perfect wedding at the beach in California is complete with arch laden with intertwined rose vines, is the perfect setting for a romantic exchange of vows.

There are many beautiful beaches to choose from for a memorable day. One of San Diego’s finest beach resorts, the L’Auberge Del Mar Resort and Spa located north of the city off the historic coast highway, is an ideal setting for the perfect California wedding by the sea.

For more information go online, and to take care of the creative aspects of your celebration consult the resort’s Director of Romance, who is available upon request. Couples should also check out beautiful California beach weddings in Mendocino, the perfect setting with private sandy beaches, and local businesses that specialize in destination weddings and all the details, including catering, floral services, formal clothing, entertainment, and more.

Wedding at the Beach in California

A lot of places can be chosen wherein you can use as a venue in your wedding at the beach in California which you can research in the internet and reserve it. You can also have a list of prospect venues in which you want to hold the wedding. You can have the venue designed by somebody whom you will hire that will surely suit your likes. Decorate with flowers, have a carpet in which the bride will walk in going to the altar.

Have the invitations done early so that you can have the invited guests be aware where the venue is for it may be from where they live. Thus, they will be able to adjust their time for them not to be late on your wedding day.

There are many businesses that are dedicated to providing professional wedding services for all budgets and tastes. All-inclusive California beach wedding packages are another popular option for couples featured on many wedding websites, offering a basic wedding package starting at $495 that includes a personalized romantic wedding ceremony, decorations at the beach, and Taking this tradition to create a wedding guest book is a unique and interesting way of involving your family, friends and guests to piece together their wishes and good lucks.

Provide your fabrics of choice to each of your guests and make sure to provide also some fabric markers. You can ask you groomsmen and bridesmaids to hand out the fabric pieces and markers to your guests.

You can also task them to collect the completed pieces and keep them in a box so you can take all of their wishes with you after the reception.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can apply when you are planning for a unique and interesting wedding guest book. Use your imagination and picture how you would like your wedding guest book will look like.

If you are stuck with a lot of photo guestbook ideas, you can browse the internet for more info, samples and ideas from wedded couples as well.

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Finding the Right Photographer for Professional Wedding Albums Thu, 04 Jul 2013 15:35:40 +0000

The photographic record of your special day is an essential part of any wedding and professional wedding albums often become family heirlooms which are treasured for years to come.

One of the easiest ways to obtain a high quality record of the day is to engage the services of an experienced wedding photographer who will also take care to ensure that you receive a truly professional wedding album.

Wedding photography is big business today and many photographic studios receive a substantial proportion of their income from this one source. Indeed, in larger towns and cities, you will often find photographic studies that will only cater for weddings.

When it comes to finding a suitable photographer there are a number of things that you need to bear in mind and the first, and most important, is your rapport with the photographer.

Right Photographer for Professional Wedding Albums

Sample of his work

You will certainly want to see samples of his work and satisfy yourself as to his technical skills, but any photographer worth his salt should be able to produce a more than adequate portfolio of his work.

Wedding photography however is much more a question of the photographer’s ability to work with you and your wedding guests and you need to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and who understands that it is people who will make the finished photographs. This is far more important than choosing someone who simply wants to blind you with photographic science or impress you with a string of qualifications and diplomas.

Your style match with your photographer’s style

At this early stage you will need to discuss the style of photography that you want for your wedding and satisfy yourself that this is a style with which the photographer feels comfortable.

Some couples for example like to have a series of very much set piece “posed” photographs to record the day, while others prefer the photographer to blend much more into the background and to capture the feeling and emotion of the moment.

You will also need to decide exactly what you want in the way of photographs both before and on the day of your wedding.

ome photographers will have a large studio equipped with facilities for you to attend to make-up and hair and a selection of gowns that can be used to produce a series of studio portraits in a relaxed atmosphere ahead of the day. Yet other photographers will have an arrangement with a local bridal shop which will also allow you to try on a selection of dresses during the photo session. This can be very helpful when it comes to choosing a dress that you like.

Own professional wedding albums for good!

Having professional wedding albums would really make your special day more memorable since you will be able to keep. After many years, when you feel like reminiscing the memories you had during your wedding day, all you have to do is to look at your professional wedding albums.

Take a look at the pictures and you will surely feel like you have just got married. There are of course a host of other things that you will need to think about and questions that you will want to ask but, if you start by finding a photographer who understands just what you want and with whom you feel comfortable, then you will be well on your way to getting professional wedding albums that you will be able to treasure for many years.

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Unique Photo Guestbook for Weddings Tue, 02 Jul 2013 17:09:47 +0000

Photo guestbooks are a must for any event, especially for weddings! It is the perfect way to preserve the names of loved ones that shared in your special event! However, for the past years, guest books have become, for a lack of a better word, boring! There needs to be an infusion of personality into the ordinary guest book.

Guest books are important for the couple because it is the record of the guests and their wonderful comments for the bride and groom. It is considered a treasured memento of the couple’s wedding that they can go back to year after year as they celebrate their anniversary.

Many couples do this reminiscing thing while celebrating their wedding anniversaries to bring back the memories of the celebration- a get-together of families and friends who have given their thoughts and blessings to the couple for a new-found life together.

A classic and elegant wedding calls for an elegantly designed one with either white or ecru pages, or a motif hardbound cover. You may also want to personalize your photo guestbook by ordering it from an online stationery store or wedding accessories shop.

Finding these personalized guestbooks are easy as the click of your mouse. There are two types of photo wedding guestbook that you can use during your wedding. The traditional way of taking Polaroid photos during your wedding is one way to have instant photos of family, friends and guests.

Take some snapshots of you and your partner with each of your guests [an individual or group or family]. However, in this day and age, the digital camera is a handier piece of gadget that most people are fond of using. However, printing the photo could only be done after the wedding if this is the case; so make sure that your guests sign on specific pages especially for them.

Elegant Wedding Guest Book

Price: $22.99

Roman Holiday Wedding Guest Book

Price: $20.24

Butterfly Themed Wedding Guest Book in White Resin

Price: $20.24

Bride and Groom Design Wedding Guest Book in White Resin

Price: $19.99

Starlight Wedding Guest Book and Pen Set With Scattered Rhinestone and White Sash

Price: $35.09

The other type of photo wedding guest book is where the book itself has photos of you and your partner. Normally, photography studios offer this service as an inclusion to their normal photography services. This is apart from the wedding album itself, but this guest book contains photos of the wedding couple during the pre-nuptial photo shoot.

The guest book is usually a magazine-type and hardbound, and each page has photos of the couple which appear to be part of the design. This is passed on to the guests during the wedding reception where they can write their well-wishes and congratulatory notes.

Quilts by tradition are a great way to involve family and friends to create an entire piece [i.e. blanket or tapestry as the most common] out of patches of fabric that are sewn together.

Taking this tradition to create a wedding guest book is a unique and interesting way of involving your family, friends and guests to piece together their wishes and good lucks.

Provide your fabrics of choice to each of your guests and make sure to provide also some fabric markers. You can ask you groomsmen and bridesmaids to hand out the fabric pieces and markers to your guests. You can also task them to collect the completed pieces and keep them in a box so you can take all of their wishes with you after the reception.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can apply when you are planning for a unique and interesting wedding guest book. Use your imagination and picture how you would like your wedding guest book will look like. If you are stuck with a lot of photo guestbook ideas, you can browse the internet for more info, samples and ideas from wedded couples as well.

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Best Wedges Wedding Shoes Sun, 30 Jun 2013 16:22:59 +0000 Post image for Best Wedges Wedding Shoes

White is considered to be one of the beautiful feminine colors that can use in weddings just wedges wedding shoes. It brings out the finest look of the bride. Wedge shoes are indeed one of the most important items that need attention when choosing.

Comfortable is the first rule!

Compared to the wedge heels, wedge shoes are done perfectly so that it will be more comfortable to wear and not only showing a high-class fashion.

Most brides would want to wear comfortable and elegant shoes while walking the aisles, dancing during the reception and during the picture takings. However, most bridal shoes are not made comfortably which often makes the bride hard to walk thus making the bride’s feet painful. Just like choosing the bridal wedding dress, choosing among the wedges wedding shoes also needs to look great on how the bride looks like on her special day. Every bride deserves to feel like she is the sexiest and most beautiful on her special day.

Suit Your Color

It is easy to find wedges wedding shoes. The color should suit your bridal dress and your mood. It must coordinate your wedding motif. You would not want to choose a color that is in contrast with the motif for it will surely look really bad. By then, it really does not have to coordinate with the wedding color.

Choose the color that will make you feel happy and sexy. If white wedges wedding shoes do not suit your mood, you can choose the bright red or other color that suits your taste. Practical bridal shoes are not necessary. You are not looking for shoes to wear in the office. You will be wearing it again so choose something different and more special that will reveal the real beauty of the bride.

Bridal shoes do not need to be satin. Wedges wedding shoes are usually made too ornate for a simple bridal dress so even if the cost is right, the shoes may be not. Women’s wedge shoes that are designed for bridal use are often too ornate for a simple dress, and so even if the price is right the décor or the shoes may not be.

Have something that reflects your personality and makes you feel alive and sexy, but you also need to coordinate it to your wedding dress perfectly.

Gold wedge shoes and silver sandals are often too much, but a pair of champagne colored cork items or even a pair of natural hemp espadrilles may be great for less formal wedding.

Pink examples could be a funky alternative if the wedding is youthful and filled with color, or a pair of blue wedge shoes could be you’re something BLUE.

This is your wedding day! Make sure you are living it up from head to toe.

Best Wedges Wedding Shoes

Match your theme

The bride-to-be can also select wedge shoes to wear during the wedding occasion. Wedge shoes come in different designs especially the ones that will be perfect to wear for a wedding. There is the trendy chunky wedge footwear, wedge platform wedding shoes and other wedges such as canvas. Choose the wedge footwear that will make you walk comfortably during the bridal event.

The bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride can choose to wear any of these bridal shoes. Many evening party shoes are chosen as wedding footwear. What matters most is that the bridal footwear which is the wedges wedding shoes should have complementary shade with the other wedding outfits that the bride and wedding party wear as well as match the wedding theme.

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