Best Bridal Make up Looks

by admin on June 29, 2013

For a bride, her wedding day is the most special in her life and to make her look beautiful, she should wear one of the best bridal makeup looks. The preparation of the wedding is very stressful most especially in going through the small details for the ceremony.

Either it will be simple, customized or as elegant as the bride would like. For bridal makeup looks, there is this we call the traditional look wherein a fresh, seamless, flawless-looking foundation is used. Whether the bride wants to have the sweet, dewy, innocent-look or the sub-continental look and heavily contoured look, the fresh-looking foundation still remains to be thee constant choice of brides when it comes to bridal makeup looks. False lashes are an essential part of the dramatic makeup of most Arab and sub continental brides, but is the drama is a little too much for you, try a half set of lashes, or even a couple of individual lashes on the outer corner of the eyes-they really do open up the eye and give a doe-like look to the eyes.

A lot of brides also want to take control in doing their makeup. Thus, making them free to choose among the bridal make up looks they want to wear on their special day. For brides who want to do their own makeup, they should have a lot of choices of bridal makeup looks in order to study and learn the techniques on how to do those. The seamless-looking foundation is still the most important thing to achieve. With the help of sponges and brushes which will be a bit tricky but if you know it is best for you, then go for the airbrushed foundation. Either going to the salon or doing it yourself, airbrushed-looking foundation is still the best in providing flawless look all day long.

Cream-based contact, liquid foundations, mineral powers are great choices for the makeup during the wedding ceremony. Good thing is, airbrush can be now available at home and can be used personally. Whichever Wedding Makeup Looks you are going for, it is almost guaranteed that you will have the finest results if you start with the best kind of base; perfectly applied, flawless looking foundation, which looks like natural skin. This can be achieved in moments with an airbrush, and it won’t budge all day, even if you have to kiss a thousand well wishers. For brides who are doing their own makeup, just make sure you have a couple of goes with the airbrush beforehand, so you are completely comfortable on the day – and most home kits are small enough to easily take on the honeymoon, so the perfect skin can come with you after the wedding day!

Best Bridal Make up Looks

Good bridal makeup looks should accentuate the bride’s natural features, and one way of doing this is to highlight the lips using a pressed pearl eye shadow. Don’t freak out, it’s not white lips we’re talking about-just a subtle placing of reflective pearl powder in the center of the lips that catches the light and makes lips look super pouty.

Eyes also need to look beautiful. Use false eyelashes as part of your wedding makeup look. This will be your lashes so they look nice and long! They are easy to apply, or your make-up artist does them or you! Give your lips a hint of shine or light color for a pretty pout! Kissing lips will naturally lead to breathtaking beauty for your wedding makeup! Finally, wedding makeup to last all day! Here’s a tip – Brush a light translucent powder on areas of the face susceptible to shine.

Another trick for clever Makeup for Bride

boob pride is to use a contouring color in an airbrush to line the cleavage – this makes the décolletage look instantly bigger, firmer and rounder, consider it a 2 minute boob job that any bride will love.

Airbrushing can also be done on the back, neck and arms to cover any imperfections without fear of it rubbing off on the dress, or other guests as the congratulatory hugs and kisses start to roll in and that’s the best bridal makeup looks.

Today’s bride wants to show her beauty in a natural, sensual way. The makeup artist can provide the bride with confidence and easy elegance that will be reminisced often.

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