A Grey Wedding Dress For Beach Wedding

by admin on June 29, 2013

A grey wedding dress is probably the best for a beach wedding. The latest trend on wedding gowns is to wear a different color than the traditional white.

Most brides are going for grey as it is not only elegant but comes in different shades that are bound to suit any woman regardless of her skin tone or hair color.

Length of the dress

After settling for the color of your dress, the next thing should be to decide on the length. Since the beach is full of sand, a long, flowing dress is out of the question unless you want to carry sand all over the place. The best length for your grey wedding dress would be somewhere near your ankles, a cocktail or tea length dress would also be fine because a beach wedding is after all a casual affair.

The Styles

The next thing would be to choose a grey wedding dress with the style that suits your silhouette or figure perfectly. Just because a certain style flattered your friend’s or sister’s figure last summer does not automatically mean that it will work wonders for your figure.

  • If you are slim, most styles will look good on you but if you are pear shaped go for an A-line cut design on your gown and a full skirt.
  • Apple shaped brides will look extremely good in a strapless gown with an A-line design with a couple of slimming effects.
  • If you have an hourglass figure choose an A-line designed gown with a sheath to emphasize your natural curves.
  • Petite brides will look good in an asymmetrical hem shaped gown.
  • A heavy dress with several layers or heavy beading is definitely not a good idea seeing that beaches are generally warm and anything heavy is bound to make you sweat gallons. Instead, go for sequins or crystals as they will not add any unnecessary weight to your grey wedding dress but will add to its glamor.

The Materials

There are many appropriate lightweight materials to choose from for the perfect wedding dress for a beach wedding.

Some of these materials are chiffon, crepe, linen, organza, polyester and of course silk.

Since this is a beach wedding, you are allowed to show more skin than usual and you can therefore choose spaghetti straps, go strapless or settle on halter tops according to what suits you best.

Most beach dresses come with a bolero that you can wear later on when it gets a bit chilly or at the reception for a slightly different look.

A beach wedding tends to get a bit windy or breezy, ensure that your wedding dress comes with an elegant wrap to keep the breeze from blowing your dress up.

The Makeup

Do not forget to choose the right make-up to go with your dress, go for dark eyelashes, nude lips and smokey eyes. All in all, a good make up artist will be able to advice you on what will suit your grey wedding dress.

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